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Getting Started

The first thing you will need to do after installing the program is to select the year of the census you are going to be working on.

Each census is different, they ask differant questions, and are not in the same order. For this reason, Cen Trans will need to know which year you will be working on.

You do this by clicking on the year in the "Welcome" screen, this will cause the drop down menue pictured at the left to show. This has all the years currantly supported by your version of Cen Trans. Click on the Year you want, then Click on the "Enter" button (or just hit enter).

Use this set of tools at the bottom of the screen to zoom in on your work.
You can also remove the left hand navagation screen, which gives you more room to view your work.

Version 1.0b.8w Only

It will check to see if you have a census data base for this year. If you do not (especially the first time you use), it will automaticly ask if you would like to create a new file, or import one.

Choosing the "Create" button will open the "Create a New Page" window.

Once you have started, you can switch which year you would like to work on by clicking on the wrong year button on the "Page Index" screen.

NOTE: The older virson 1.0b8w is also covered in this tutoral. You will find notes for that verison in yellow highlited areas.

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