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Memorial Tributes 9/11/2001
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USGenWeb Census Project
Memorial Tributes 9/11/2001

American Heros 9/11/01 In the aftermath of September 11, 2001's dastardly attacks on America we have all felt a number of things. Sorrow, frustration and a feeling of helplessness are among the many emotions which we have all felt. Many of us have rolled up our sleeves and given blood. Others have given time and money to the many charaties. Some who have the talent have written potery. Others have created memorial pages on the web to the victims, or at least to our feelings of love, patriotism and pride in our country.

Unfortunately, most of these deeds and ideas will be forgotten within a few days or months. Is there any way we can express or feelings that will be long term? How about doing something constructive that will be used by genealogists for the foreseeable future?

US GenWeb Census project announces a method that everyone with a computer can participate in and that can be dedicated to a person or group of people, such as the NYFD, NYPD or the passengers who so valiantly fought off their highjackers and kept their plane from becoming another guided missils, possibly aimed at the US Capitol. One volunteer has anounced that his project will be dedicated to Father Mychael, the New York Fire Department chaplain who was killed as he knelt to gives last rites to a dying fireman.

What is involved is a transcription of one enumeration district of New York City, Washington, D.C., Arlington, VA or other county that was significant in this attack on America. This transcription involves copying the hand written information recorded by the census enumerators from 1790 thru 1920. In April, 2002, the 1930 census will also become available. The transcription must be completed prior to 9/11/2002 to have the dedication to the people involved in this disaster. The transcriber will be responsible for obtaining the census images. These are available on microfilm from National Archives Records Administration (NARA) at NARA branch offices and many larger libraries nationwide at no cost. The images can also be obtained thru the LDS Family History Centers at minimal costs. They are also available on CD-ROM's from a number of sources. There are also several online offerings of images. The best known of these is Another source is

US GenWeb Census Project will provide at no cost the transcription software. When the transcription will be posted online and will be available at no cost to anyone with internet access. The transcriber's name will be permanently displayed and there will be a dedication to the requested person or group of people.

Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman, national coordinator stated "The big cities are the hardest to get volunteers for". With the number of people interested in doing something, we can provide a lasting memorial and get the largest city well on it's way to completion. We have a staff of volunteers ready and willing to assist the new transcribers in this task." Stewart-Zimmerman also mentioned that the project needs qualified State Census Coordinators. This would be someone well versed in various software applications who is a genealogist and willing to devote some time in assisting others in this aspect of genealogy.

The project's goal is to provide transcriptions af all existing federal census enumerations that have been released for public use. The project is currently about 5 to 7-1/2% completed with transcriptions.

Persons interested in this project are requested to go to for more details.

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