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1880 Federal Census
Supervisory District 5
1800 1820 1830 1840 1850
1860 1870 1880 1890 1900
1910 1920 1930 Other  
Georgia: State 1788

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1880 Federal Census - Population Schedules - SD 5
102 Enumeration Districts
Supervisory District 5 of the state of Georgia in 1880 consisted of the southwestern part of the state, and included all counties shown on this page. Northwestern counties of the state in 1880 were in Supervisory District 1, northeastern counties in SD 2, southeastern counties in SD 3, and west central counties in SD 4.
Location of original 1880 schedules: Georgia Dept. of Archives and History, Atlanta GA, 26 volumes.
County & ED Links NARA Roll Transcription
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Brooks   T9-135 See New Pages  
Calhoun   T9-136 See New Pages  
Chattahoochee   T9-139 See New Pages  
Clay   T9-140 See New Pages  
Colquitt   T9-141 See New Pages  
Decatur   T9-143 See New Pages  
Dooly   T9-143
& 144
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Dougherty   T9-144 See New Pages  
Early   T9-144 See New Pages  
Houston   T9-152 See New Pages  
Lee   T9-155 See New Pages  
Macon   T9-156 See New Pages  
Marion   T9-157 See New Pages  
Miller   T9-158 See New Pages  
Mitchell   T9-158 See New Pages  
Muscogee   T9-159 See New Pages  
Pulaski   T9-162 See New Pages  
Quitman   T9-162 See New Pages  
Randolph   T9-162
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Schley   T9-164 See New Pages  
Stewart   T9-165 See New Pages  
Sumter   T9-165 See New Pages  
Taylor   T9-166 See New Pages  
Terrell   T9-166 See New Pages  
Thomas   T9-167 See New Pages  
Webster   T9-171 See New Pages  
Worth   T9-172 See New Pages  
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