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Telfair County, Georgia
Year & Subdistricts* Links NARA Roll Transcription
*These include Township, Precinct, City, Town, Village, District, Division, and Ward. From 1880 on, enumeration has been done by ED, or enumeration district.
1820 Images M33-10 ACP Standard Census Transcription in the USGenWeb Archives Available For
2nd Transcription
1830 Index M19-21 ACP Standard Census Transcription in the USGenWeb Archives
1840 Index M704-51 ACP Standard Census Transcription in the USGenWeb Archives Available For
2nd Transcription
1850 Free   M432-83 Available For Transcription  
1850 Slave   M432-95 Available For Transcription  
1860 Free   M653-137 Available For Transcription  
1860 Slave   M653-152 Available For Transcription  
1870   M593-176 Available For Transcription  
SD 3/ED 92
  T9-166 Available For Transcription  
SD 3/ED 93
  T9-166 Available For Transcription  
Except for a small section, the Georgia 1890 Federal Population Schedules were completely destroyed by fire in the Commerce Department Building in January 1921. The Special Schedules Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows in Georgia also did not survive.
1900   T623-223 Available For Transcription  
1910   T624-212 Available For Transcription  
1920   T625-278 Available For Transcription  
1930 SD/ED
136-1 to 136-19
  T626-386 Available For Transcription  
1940 SD/ED
134-1 to 134-19
  T627-712 Available For Transcription  
All information in this table Copyright 2007 by
Christine Ayers, Kevin Fraley, Maggie Stewart & Tina S. Vickery.

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