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1910 Federal Census
Puerto Rico: Spainish Possession 1508-1898, United States Possession 1898-1917, United States Citizenship 1917, Common Wealth 1952

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1910 Federal Census - Population Schedules
County & SD/ED Links NARA Roll Transcription
Adjuntas   T624-1756 Available  
Culebra   T624-1756 Available  
Aguada   T624-1756 Available  
Aguas Buenas   T624-1756 Available  
Aguadilla   T624-1757 Available  
Aibonito   T624-1757 Available  
Barranquitas   T624-1757 Available  
Anasco   T624-1758 Available  
Arroyo   T624-1758 Available  
Arecibo 184-197   T624-1758 Available  
Arecibo 198-208   T624-1759 Available  
Arecibo 209   T624-1758 Available  
Arecibo 210-219   T624-1759 Available  
Arecibo 1054-1055   T624-1758 Available  
Barceloneta   T624-1759 Available  
Barros 747-754   T624-1759 Available  
Barros 755-764   T624-1760 Available  
Bayamon   T624-1760 Available  
Cabo Rojo   T624-1761 Available  
Caguas 918-930   T624-1761 Available  
Caguas 931-939   T624-1762 Available  
Camuy   T624-1762 Available  
Carolina   T624-1762 Available  
Dorado   T624-1762 Available  
Cayey   T624-1763 Available  
Ciales   T624-1763 Available  
Cidra   T624-1764 Available  
Comerio   T624-1764 Available  
Coamo   T624-1764 Available  
Corozal   T624-1765 Available  
Fajardo   T624-1765 Available  
Guayama   T624-1766 Available  
Guayanilla   T624-1766 Available  
Gurabo   T624-1766 Available  
Hatillo   T624-1767 Available  
Humacao   T624-1767 Available  
Isabela   T624-1768 Available  
Juana Diaz 667-672   T624-1768 Assigned to:
Victoria Baratto
Available For
2nd Transcription
Juana Diaz 673-688   T624-1768 Available  
Juana Diaz 689-697   T624-1769 Available  
Juncos   T624-1769 Available  
Lajas   T624-1769 Available  
Las Marias   T624-1769 Available  
Lares   T624-1770 Available  
Loiza   T624-1770 Available  
Manati   T624-1771 Available  
Maricao   T624-1765 Available  
Mayaguez 425-436   T624-1771 Available  
Mayaguez 437-457   T624-1772 Available  
Mayaguez 1046   T624-1772 Available  
Mayaguez 1050-1051   T624-1771 Available  
Mayaguez 1057   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 336   T624-1772 Assigned to: Ellen Fernandez-Sacco Available For
2nd Transcription
Moca 337   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 338   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 339   T624-1772 Assigned to: Ellen Fernandez-Sacco Available For
2nd Transcription
Moca 340   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 341   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 342   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 343   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 344   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 345   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 346   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 347   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 348   T624-1772 Available  
Moca 349   T624-1772 Available  
Morovis   T624-1773 Available  
Munabo   T624-1770 Available  
Naranjito   T624-1773 Available  
Naguabo   T624-1773 Available  
Patillas 783-787   T624-1773 Available  
Patillas 1058   T624-1773 Available  
Patillas 788-795   T624-1774 Available  
Penuelas   T624-1774 Available  
Ponce 621-630   T624-1774 Available  
Ponce 631-666   T624-1775 Available  
  T624-1776 Available Online Link to
Rincon   T624-1772 Available  
Rio Grande
EDs 1002-1004
  T624-1776 Available Online Link to
Rio Grande
ED 1005
  T624-1776 Available  
Rio Grande
EDs 1006-1010
  T624-1776 Available Online Link to
Rio Grande
EDs 1012-1014
  T624-1776 Available  
Rio Piedras   T624-1776 Available  
Sabana Grande   T624-1777 Available  
Salinas   T624-1777 Available  
San German   T624-1777 Available  
Santa Isabel   T624-1780 Available  
San Juan 1-3   T624-1779 Available  
San Juan 4-5   T624-1778 Available  
San Juan 6-7   T624-1778 Available Online Link to
San Juan 8-28   T624-1778 Available  
San Juan 29-30   T624-1779 Available  
San Lorenzo
EDs 867-881
  T624-1779 Available Online Link to
San Sebastian 350   T624-1779 Available  
San Sebastian 351   T624-1779 Assigned to:
Pedro Cruz
Available For
2nd Transcription
San Sebastian 352-362   T624-1779 Available  
San Sebastian 364-371   T624-1779 Available  
Toa Alta   T624-1780 Available  
Toa Baja   T624-1780 Available  
Trujillo Alto   T624-1780 Available  
Utuado   T624-1781 Available  
Vega Alta   T624-1782 Available  
Vega Baja   T624-1782 Available  
Vieques   T624-1782 Available  
Yabucoa   T624-1780 Available  
Yauco 541-549   T624-1782 Available  
Yauco 550-572   T624-1783 Available  
All information in this table Copyright 2002 by Maggie Stewart.

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