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USGenWeb Census Project
Site Map (With Extended Descriptions)

Completed Transcriptions (This link leads to our Standard Completed Transcriptions (ACP Standard) Table of Contents.)

Completion Instructions (This is where to visit if you have completed your transcription and need to submit it.)

Census Kidz (This project is setup to help kids and teenagers wanting to transcribe a census for a project-or just for fun.)

Help Pages (Some of the information included here is the following: CART software, CenTrans software, Templates specific help by year.)

Locating Records (This is where to obtain information on locating the Census Records to use for transcribing.)

Mailing Lists (This contains all the mailing lists for our project volunteers.)

Second Transcriber Pages (This page contains information on second transcription.) Sign Up to be a Second Transcriber (Proofreader) (This page also contains information on our policies on doing a second transcription (proofreading) a census transcription.)

States Index (This page lists the links to our pages of listing by state. There are links to not only completed census transcriptions but also listings of those counties still available for transcription.)

Volunteer Pages (The Census Project requires four kinds of volunteers to run smoothly... Transcribers, Proofreaders, State Coordinators and Technical Support. This page gives an indepth listings of what is needed and how to signup to assist.)

About Enumeration Districts

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